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Your Circles of Wellbeing

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Your Personal Guide

Introducing: Your Steward

Never feel alone on your journey. Reduce the overwhelm. Choose to link arms with one of many Stewards on our team who will help guide you to the next best steps and providers you can explore. Your Steward is also your usher to the providers in all your circles. This aspect of our community sets us apart and gives you the best customer experiences you ever imagined.


So imagine… seeing your favorite, friendly, attentive barista as you enter…Emergent Lives… instead of the coffee shop. She (or he) knows you well enough to ask about that thing you did last week. She also knows which menu items you definitely don’t want and which ones you might consider. She never pushes you. But she uses curiosity to help you choose what’s best for you. And repeat. 


You have unique value to offer as an individual and part of the whole. We help you achieve wellbeing in all areas of life and lead a positive legacy. You will enjoy opportunities to heal, learn, impact, take it to the next level and connect with others.

Emergent Lives makes transparency the norm. Our outside-the-box practices help simplify and streamline your wellbeing journey and life. You get to more easily obtain your personal data. And you can share your information with your providers – to help you save frustration and time.


Traditional. Integrative. Multi-faith. Multi-culture. Open-minded. Transparent. In person. Virtually, anywhere in the U.S. Collaborative, not competitive. 

You’ll find curated, caring professionals working together to help you achieve wellbeing as you see it. You won’t feel pressured into cookie-cutter approaches. Only feel surrounded by providers and people who genuinely care for and about you. 

Welcome to Emergent Lives.

Who’s In Your Circle?

OfficersTim Hobbs, Founder - Lynda Tarufelli, Director - Ed Burke, Sr. Advisor

Your leaders of Emergent Wellness LLC and its subsidiaries including Emergent Lives are down-to-earth, regular people with big hearts for you as an individual and for our world as a whole. With over 90 years of collective business experience and countless hours spent researching and networking, they are excited to invite you to a wellbeing model like none other.

StewardsYour trustworthy, personal guides

You may choose to have an advocate so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Your Steward will guide – not decide for you – as you take steps to improve your life, experiences, health, and wellbeing. All Stewards are compassionate and communicative, with access to a support team for more technical questions. Schedule your 15-minute call to help identify your priorities.

ProvidersFrom All 7 Circles

Emergent Lives partners with providers of all modalities, cultures and beliefs. But they share our values and mission to empower you through high-quality holistic care. From financial advisors and life coaches to doctors, you will find the perfect providers for you. Remember a Steward is happy to help.

Emergent Lives

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